About Us

Topnice technology Co., Ltd is an injection mold manufacturer, which covers an area of 3000 square meters, with over 60 employees and advanced equipments. we specialized in designing and manufacturing complex & big size of plastic injection molds, double shot injection molds, overmoulding injection molds and die casting molds, involving to the fields of automotive, home appliances, office equipment, consumption electronics, optical products and medical equipment, BMC product and accessories.

We aim to provide high-quality products for our clients around the world with fast delivery and competitive price. Our competitive advantage lies in project management, which insures our customers of reliable products with good price and punctual delivery and we maintain several core beliefs:

  • Ask clients what they need. Don’t tell them what we will do for them. Grow with our customers, capacity and capability-wise.
  • Results versus excuses. Do what we say we will do, on time, every time.
  • “Pretty good” doesn’t cut it. Quality is a given. As a client’s needs change, so must our processes.
  • Thinking outside the box is a matter of routine. We look for ways to improve what we do, every day. Molds need to be manufactured quicker and competitively, every day. We s-et out to find ways to do this without compromising quality or margins.
  • Add value/services. With an enthusiasm for innovation, we show up and aim to be responsive and detailed as ever in our service and delivery.
  • Reinvest. We invest in our people and equipment to deliver best-in-class day in and day out.

Careers at Topnice

At Topnice, our culture and teamwork separates us f-rom our competitors. We’re a culture of hard work, honesty and commitment. Founded in 2015, we’ve succeeded in growing f-rom 2 employees to more than 60 dedicated team members. We attract and retain a talented team that place value on being innovative, responsive, dedicated, community minded and progressive.

We are always accepting resumes f-rom talented, dynamic individuals that share the same drive and motivation as the culture at Topnice. Submit your resume to info@topnicetech.com.